Gain real industry experience
12-16 months
$51K average salary

Our optional internship program offers 12 to 16-month accredited internships: paid, professionally supervised, career-related positions giving you real-world experiences as part of your academic journey.  

Apply theory and academics in a practical work setting, while developing important industry relationships and getting a taste of your future!


Internship Advantages

  • Earn a full salary while retaining your student status and benefits
  • Gain exclusive access to the internship job board
  • Get internship advising, resume feedback, and interview prep from our team
  • Earn an elective credit for your time spent on internship
  • Build your skills and professional network in a real-world environment
  • Add a "Professional Internship" designation to your degree
  • Eligible internships may count towards your P.Eng licensing

How it Works

Step 1: Decide if an internship is right for you. The option is available to students in all our undergraduate engineering programs. You can choose to join our internship program at any point before your third year. 

Step 2: Prepare! Every student will benefit from career support in class, including networking practice, resume development, and career exploration. Students in our internship program get access to exclusive internship application tips directly from our employer partners.

Step 3: Explore our exclusive internship posting job board. There are thousands of positions available, including some from across North America, and select international locations.  

Step 4: Apply to positions. Explore your options, and apply to as many positions as you like. Accept interview requests, and accept an offer. 

Step 5: Go on your internship! Typically, students go on an internship after their third year, but it is possible to go after your second year instead. 

Step 6: Return, complete your studies and build your leadership skills through our Student Leaders program.

Going on a 12 to 16-month internship will extend the time it takes to finish your degree by one year- but when you apply to jobs after graduation, you will already have one year of work experience and connections in the industry. 

Internship Q&A

Does Smith Engineering have a co-op?

At Queen's, co-op is combined into one 12 -16 month optional paid internship, usually done after third year. 

Why are your internships 12-16 months?

Engineering employers and students have shared that the 12-16 month experience enables students to be trained in the organization as full junior employees, contributing significantly to engineering projects and developing leadership skills.

What is the difference between co-op and internship?

Co-op programs typically offer shorter experiences in multiple workplaces and are often mandatory. Our internship program is optional and involves an extended period of time spent immersed in a single company, allowing for a richer hands-on experience. The structure of co-op and internship programs varies across different universities.

When do I go on internship - is it mandatory?

Most students who go on an internship choose to go after their third year. Although it is less common, it is also possible to go after second year. The internship program is optional, so you can decide what suits your education and career goals. 

Rylan takes us on a site tour at the New Queen's Residence on Albert Street where he worked as a project coordinator

“For any students considering an internship at Queen's, I would highly recommend it. I've had a great experience working here, and I couldn't recommend it enough. I think the experience is invaluable, graduating with 12-16 months of actual professional experience, and I couldn't imagine graduating without it now.” Rylan Richter

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