Geotechnical Engineering involves the application of soil and rock mechanics as well as engineering geology to solve engineering problems such as design of foundations, slopes, excavations, dams, tunnels and other Civil, Mining and Environmental engineering projects relating to the mechanical response of the ground, and the water within it. Research work being undertaken in the GeoEngineering Centre includes studies on geosynthetics, long term performance of landfill liners, shallow and deep foundations, tunnels and deep excavations, pipes, culverts and other buried infrastructure as well as Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering.

Specialized testing facilities include a CFI funded Large Scale Buried Infrastructure Laboratory at Queen's, a Geosynthetic Liner Longevity Simulator laboratory, a large scale landslide flume, and a prototype scale reinforced wall test facility and shake table located at RMC.

The GeoEngineering Centre links seventeen Geotechnical researchers in Civil Engineering, Mining Engineering, Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering at Queen's with Civil Engineering at RMC.

Fady Abdelaal

  • Geosynthetic liners in waste containment, natural resource extraction, and potable water applications
  • Durability of polymeric geomembranes
  • Long-term Performance of Bituminous Geosynthetic liners
  • Large scale testing of composite liners under combined chemical and physical exposure conditions
  • Interface shear strength of Geosynthetic Barriers

Richard Brachman

  • Protection, wrinkles and leakage through geomembranes
  • Performance and design of leachate collection pipes for municipal solid waste landfills
  • Laboratory testing and analysis of polymer manholes for landfills
  • Geosynthetics in waste containment facilities
  • Municipal solid waste landfill design issues
  • Shoring systems for deep excavations
  • Numerical analysis of non-linear soil-structure interaction problems
  • Small - and Large - strain behaviour of granular materials

Ian Moore

  • Buried Infrastructure
  • Soil-structure Interaction
  • Trenchless Technology
  • Buried Pipeline and Culvert Design
  • Loadout Tunnel Analysis and Design
  • Geosynthetics and Buried Polymer Structures

Kerry Rowe

  • Contaminant Migration
  • Landfill Design
  • Geosynthetics
  • Reinforced Embankments and Walls
  • Tunnels in Soft Ground
  • Anchors, Retaining Walls and Pile Foundations

Andy Take

  • Digital image-based measurements of deformations and strains in soils and structural materials
  • Slope stability, landslide triggering processes, and runout
  • Unsaturated behaviour of geosynthetic liner system components
  • Field performance of geomembrane composite liner systems
  • Soil structure interaction
  • Physical modelling of a wide range of geotechnical processes