About Us

The Integrated Learning "live building" concept was inspired by the Integrated Teaching and Learning program in Colorado. Their idea -- to create an online building -- was used as a basis for the construction of Queen's Integrated Learning Centre in Beamish-Munro Hall.

The building was created to serve undergraduate engineering students in several different ways. The IL Centre contains both laboratory and studio space, as well as being a giant lab itself. Exhibits and data are available to the public, to researchers, and to students, to help advance the understanding of engineering issues, concepts and ideas.

Beamish-Munro Hall


Our generous sponsors include:

  • The Beamish & Munro Families
  • The McConnell Foundation: The Foundation has generously donated funds towards the Integrated Learning initiative.
  • OSISoft: OSISoft donated the main piece of software that runs the 'live building', along with training and ongoing support. The company's software, a "Real-time Performance Management" platform, is commonly used by large industrial corporations like Domtar, Shell Oil, and Corning to track and manage complex manufacturing processes. The IL Centre uses the database to record and make available information from over 6000 data points.
  • Canlyte: Canlyte provided a research grant to a student interested in lighting applications in the IL Centre.
  • SCADAEngine: SCADAEngine expended significant effort to tailor their software to hook into the Delta building automation system.


Some of the interactive exhibits on this web site require Adobe Flash version 8 or higher. It can be downloaded for free from Adobe.
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Courses currently using the live building

  • APSC 100 - Design Projects (multiple projects)
  • APSC 141 - Personal Computers in Engineering
  • BIOL 201 - Diversity of Life
  • CIVL 229 - Mechanics and Materials
  • CIVL 434 - Structural Design in Steel
  • CHEM 825/436 - System Identification
  • CHEM 333 - Statistical Analysis
  • MECH 212 - Design Techniques (multiple projects)
  • MECH 215 - Measurement & Instrumentation
  • MECH 431 - Building Energy Systems
  • MECH 462 - Applied Thermodynamics
  • MDEP 437 - Fuel Cell Technology


This site was developed by Renée Stephen. Contributors include students from the IL Centre Summer Projects Office:

  • Bernard Chan -
  • Jasper Kang - Flash animation & PHP coding (campus, HVAC and biowall)